Larry Zitnick

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I'm a research manager at Facebook AI Research in Menlo Park, and an affiliate associate professor at the University of Washington. Previously, I spent 12 great years at Microsoft Research.


My current areas of interest include object recognition, language and vision, and reasoning. For more details please see my publications page.

Information about combating illegal imagery and PhotoDNA can be found here.

Curious what images are in the MS COCO dataset? See all 80k training images in this video:


See the same visualization using 80k random Flickr images:


Once I get a chance I'll post the same visualization for ImageNet.


UW CSE P 576: Computer Vision (2011)

Semi-recent lecture (10/2014) on the history and current status of object recognition (slides):



Visual Question Answering

Microsoft COCO

Abstract scenes

MSR 3D video (break-dancing)

Professional Activities:

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